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September 2023 Newsletter

Karen is our associate working with our education program that helps young women living in poverty in the Amazon.  The following is part of Karen’s summer update.

August 2023 Newsletter

Antigua Guatemala is beautiful, and every building, even those newly built, are required to look 200 or 300 years old.  Antigua Guatemala means “Old Guatemala” and was formerly the cultural, economic, religious, political and educational centre for the entire region until the capital was moved to present Guatemala City.

July 2023 Newsletter

Letters from Pastor Jorge Luis Avalos and Pastor Jorge Luis Cruz

June 2023 NewsLetter

Cuba is getting worse. I have been thinking a lot about how long I will do this travelling, and then I meet our pastors and hear their hearts and stories. It is not about the travel, but the people that I come here to help. Crime is growing in Cuba, but that is just like every other country we work in.

February 2023 Newsletter

What an Experience to land in the amazing country of Peru, filled with jungle, desert, vibrant large cities and small, rooster-filled towns!

Welcome to CMRC

With practical and spiritual gifts of help, CMRC assists pastors and ministries serving in communities of poverty to fulfill their passion to reach people for Christ 

Working with local organizations in Canada and missional agencies overseas, we help churches become strong through developing an outward attitude to serve others.  We provide valuable resources to better equip churches across the globe to share the Good News and to provide for those who are unable to afford necessities. Presently we work in Peru, Guatemala, Cuba, Colombia, and the Philippines and are working to expand our reach.

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child holding goat

Our Mission is to serve as a catalyst to help leaders mobilize Canadians and the local church overseas toward a more effective, personal involvement, in helping the world’s needy both spiritually and in practical gifts of helps.

CMRC prioritizes providing resources to help equip national church pastors and local leaders to minister. Through educational programs, donations for necessities, and pastoral assets, our global church is better able to help those in their community.

our philosophy

“If God puts something in front of you, try it!”

Have you ever heard the saying, “God opens doors!”

At CMRC we see the doors that the Lord places in front of us instead as a symbol of opportunity.  We believe that God does not necessarily open the doors for us, but instead He unlocks the ones we are meant to go through. In the world of missions, you are often called to blindly follow the call of the Lord. This means not always seeing what is on the other side. Our philosophy is based around the idea that even if a door is closed, it may be unlocked, so try it!

Learn about the Journey

Karen Elizabeth Rojas Torres 

“As a teenager, I attended camp in Colinas de Sion, a place about 4 hours from the city. I spent an awesome week meeting many people, making many friends, and of course learning about Jesus. I remember I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the camp and I decided to continue in His ways fulfilling the purpose that He has for my life. A year later, my father passed away and the time after his death was difficult for us (my mother, my sister and I) however, at every step and every day we could see the benevolence and mercy of God towards us because we never lacked food and we have made an effort to continue the path of faith.”


Helping People Around the World

child holding goat

“We are so happy to have been a part of CMRC used laptop program. It is very important for the ministry and as you know, in our own strength, we are not able to afford this expensive piece of equipment. God has been good, because He chooses you to help us and support us with financial resources and it has been a big blessing to my family.”

Carlos Castillo and Kirenia: Pastor in Cuba



Recent Stories

A glimpse into the lives of Christian’s around the globe serving the Lord with all their strength.

September 2022 Newsletter

September 2022 Newsletter

Story from Two sides At the beginning of July, I received a phone call from Martin who said that he was just getting over six weeks in the hospital and had almost died from Covid. He was returning to work as a nurse and wanted to take his wife and...

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July 2021 Newsletter

July 2021 Newsletter

Reflections It was a bright, sunny, July day in 2010 when Doug Springer called and asked me to pray about becoming a CMRC staff member. By that time, we had known each other for many years and I had assisted with a number of CMRC projects. Now...

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