Cuban food Prices Skyrocket

What would you do if your grocery and utility prices increased from 5 to 10 times overnight?  This is what happened in Cuba on January 1st as a result of merging two currencies – the Convertible Peso and Cuban Peso. In doing so prices have skyrocketed.

Cuban government employees received an increase overnight of 5 to 10 times in salary from $15 to $130 per month to offset the increases.  But not pastors and the general public.

One of our supported pastors, Carlos Ariza Castillo, from Leon de Juda Church (Lion of Judah) in the town of Pepito Tey reports:

“All the basics have gone up in price. Rice is $ 1.67 per kilo, one egg at $ .42, coffee at $10.42, 1 kilo of chicken is $ 8.34. For a pastor, serving in a small church, this is very expensive for us. This month it cost us around $ 40.00 to feed five people. That does not include electricity, water and transportation for our son who is traveling every day to Cienfuegos. We need to give him $ .75 every day for lunch at school.

Our income this month was $40.00″

CMRC has recently quadrupled salaries paid to pastors, children’s workers, and prison chaplains. Donate today and feed our supported families!

To learn more about this work, please contact us.

by the numbers

> 24 Pastors

> 2 Prison Chaplains

> 2 Children’s Ministry Workers

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