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Hardship has become the norm for most who live on the island of Cuba. With a restrictive government, the country has experienced massive layoffs and countless citizens are going hungry without the money to buy the necessities of life. To support the churches being impacted, CMRC supports 23 pastors, 2 jail chaplains and children’s workers and their families, mainly in the central region of Cuba. It is CMRC’s priority to work personally with Cuban pastors and church workers to help plant house churches and supply theological resources and practical gifts of help such as food and computers.  

Peru stretches across 2400km of shoreline along the west coast of South America. With a great economically diverse population of 30 million people and a climate ranging from tropical Amazon jungle and Andean Mountains to coastal deserts, Peru provides a unique environment for many missional opportunities. Along the Amazon River is a city called Iquitos. This has been a popular destination for short term CMRC teams to assist in church building opportunities and children’s ministry in growing Christian communities. Working closely with Peruvians, CMRC has been active in developing church construction, children’s clinics, visitation, and providing ministry resources.



Pastor Edwin Antonio, of Open Doors Church in Bogota has opened up about what it is like to be a church leader in a difficult area of the world. He has shared how his church family is working to care for those in the community. Developing biblical materials has helped with education and given locals a glimpse into the life and teachings of Jesus. The construction of Christian schools has given a place not only of learning, but of safety and protection. Providing education programmes for local children has played a key role in setting up these young people to go out in the world with many tools on their belt.

Guatemala is the third biggest country in Central America and has one of the biggest gaps between the rich and the poor. This is a key reason CMRC reached out to partner with Seminario Biblico Guatemalteco (Guatemala Bible Seminary), located in the city of Chimaltenango, one hour from the Capital of Guatemala City.

CMRC partners with Guatemala Bible Seminary to co-produce video courses for pastors and church leaders in Latin American countries where educational resources are in short supply. These courses are designed to help church leaders bring comprehensive biblical principles and activities to the churches across Latin America.


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