Working to care for vulnerable members of society and strengthen the persecuted church through biblical materials and providing education programmes for local children

How it Began

Seated as the capital of Colombia, Bogotá, is known for its beautiful climate but high rates of organized crime and corruption. The level of violence remains quite high and various criminal groups have placed demanding restrictions on churches. 

CMRC commenced working with the local church in Bogota in 2016 when we started providing used laptops to the church for their after-school program.  

While on an observation visit Doug Springer and a board member met with some indigenous families that had been forced from their land and into the city. Living in poverty and out of their environment the families struggled with their language and lack of formal education.  

CMRC has helped the indigenous community through small business training and financing. We have also worked with the local church through COVID-19 disaster relief for food. CMRC is providing education funds for local youth in a chef’s education programming as well as providing teaching materialsvideo equipment and training for the local church to broadcast their services. 

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