How We Help

Serving others well means actively humbling ourselves as Christ did for the sake of others.

Sustainable Assistance

Pursuing long-term solutions for greater social and spiritual impact.

When we seek to serve our neighbours globally, we actively look for opportunities to fight poverty. At CMRC, our goal is to provide resources and tools that will set up our partners for success so that they may thrive on their own. Sustainable assistance can take on many different shapes and sizes, but all helps in granting the opportunity to change someone’s life both physically and spiritually. 

Pastor's salaries

Provide Food

Better Education

video production

church building

General support

Church Leadership Assistance

Using our practical and spiritual gifts to help assist pastors and ministries serving in communities of poverty.

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How Church Leadership Assistance Helps

At Christian Missions Resource Centre, we believe in coming alongside those who have been called by the Lord to do great works. Global churches have developed the foundational and relational work which is the grounding piece for sharing the Gospel. We work together to find the best ways to assist in the commissions that churches have been called to do by providing tools, resources and equipping the church leaders.

Church support ranges from encouraging pastors to providing them with the essential needs for their daily life. CMRC has developed resources, teaching materials and various media libraries to gift to our partnering churches overseas. Beyond this, CMRC has built many churches for worship and spiritual connection between those living in the area. Help us to continue supporting churches across the nations by donating today!

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Statistically, education is one of the main ways to break the poverty cycle. 


How Better Education Helps

Education provides an understanding of the world around us and helps to develop a unique perspective of life. At CMRC we believe it is important to share the gifts of education and be able to further the learning capabilities of those around the world. It is our goal to provide educational resources and assets to those who are unable to access or afford them.

Girl’s Computer Scholarships in Iquitos, Peru:

The Classroom Computer Project provides educational resources for girls in poverty. CMRC provides scholarship funding for enrollment in a government-qualified educational institute. These courses are taught over six months to two years, and upon completion, graduates receive Microsoft certification.

 “I am grateful for the infinite kindness of the CMRC scholarship program and also thankful for having granted me the scholarship and to be able to study, which was difficult for me because I did not have enough financial conditions to do it.” -Angie

“I really thank the CMRC organization for granting me the scholarship and giving me the opportunity to study and get to have a technical career with which I can perform in the future. This will also serve me to transfer knowledge to others who need it. Thank you very much CMRC” -Rocksy

Educate a young woman through the Classroom computer Project by donating now!

Video production

Partner the power of video with the power of the gospel to share your mission and tell your story in HD.

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How freshening your image helps

CMRC will produce videos for any ministry in both Canada and internationally. Together we spread the love of Jesus through teaching series, children’s ministry, corporate, and broadcast productions. Walk through the process of producing, directing, and editing with us. Check out some of our other videos to see how the Gospel message is as relevant today as it was 2000 years ago, no matter what the presentation may look like.

Christian Mission Resource Centre helps share missions through the lens of a camera. With experience creating ministry video content in Africa, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Central and South America and the Caribbean, CMRC crafts and delivers messages that transport the audience to these locations. Social media has revolutionized the way people communicate and how ministries utilize media to share the Gospel of Jesus.

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Your donation can help make a difference in someone’s life today.


How Funding Relief Helps

Christian Mission Resource Centre works hard to support our brothers and sisters around the globe. Funding relief is a crucial piece of the puzzle that allow us to continue to develop valuable resources. From providing food for the hungry, to paying the salaries of pastors we partner with, to building a church and providing missional resources, it would all not be possible without your generous contributions.

The pastors, workers, and communities that you support with your funding and prayers are incredible people. Each donation helps to reach hundreds of lives with the gospel. It is humbling to think that God has given us the privilege of serving them. Partner with us and see what difference your contribution can make to help build the Kingdom of God.

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