May 2024 Newsletter

Written By César Arreaga

Published May 6, 2024


If you live in Canada, you experience the four seasons.  If you live in the tropics, you may have no idea what I am talking about.  

During my travels, I always get asked what snow is like.  What is it like to be outside in the winter?  I may have answered by telling them to go stand in a walk-in freezer for an hour and you may get the feeling.
It was the suggestion of Cesar in Guatemala that I write and tell those of you in the tropics what Spring is like in Canada. 

Spring is a joyous occasion in Canada.  Finally, we can go out for a walk down the street in just our shirt sleeves.  We plant flowers, we see green grass, and the trees begin to bud with leaves.

All winter, life seems quite dreary.  When it snows and then the sun shines, it is bright white and we say it is crispy out.  But within a couple of days the snow gets grey and brown and starts to melt on the streets and walkways leaving a slippery mess. If you are adventurous, you will still go out, but it is not the same. The saying here is, “April showers bring May flowers.”  

Easter is the beginning, when we talk a lot about rebirth and new life, but it really comes a little later, near the beginning of May.  In our part of Canada, we cannot plant outside until May 24th in case there is frost where everything can get frozen.

What does this have to do with missions?  Why talk about spring?  All of us live in different parts of the world with different cultures and different climates and foods.  We can either enjoy where God has planted us, or we can be miserable and complain about our lives.
The two plants in our garden that are the first to come up are garlic and rhubarb. 

Everyone knows garlic with its strong flavour that is generally not eaten alone.  A little like some people!  Rhubarb is a plant for cool weather.  It comes up early and does not like the heat of summer.  Rhubarb has a thick stalk and a large leaf.  The leaf is poisonous and will make you sick, and the stalk is sour and can barely be eaten without cooking it with sugar.  So the first two things to sprout in our garden are not nice in themselves, but they are a beautiful green and a blessing to see in the spring even as they poke up through the ground. Spring flowers and fruit trees blossoming are also wonderful to see and smell their perfume as we walk around the neighborhood.

Of course there is a lesson as we deal with others in our daily lives.  Some may be beautiful in character while others are strong or sour, but there is always something we can give and receive from each one of them. With some we learn a lesson how not to be, while with others we learn how we should act.
In our walk with the Lord and as a mission, we try to be that sweet influence on those around us, encouraging them and helping in any way including sharing Jesus with them.

Doug Springer
Executive Director

  • Douglas’ trip to Cuba
    On May 7th I will travel to Cuba and return on the 22nd.   
    I will be visiting with pastors and sharing what I have been able to bring for them.  I will also be delivering support for the next six months.  Cuba is going through and extended difficult time.  Basic supplies of food and fuel are in short supply, and transportation is difficult. 
    Please keep my travels in your prayers as I seek to support and encourage God’s servants in CubaPray for our Ministry with the young ladies.
  • Karen is going to minister in Colombia 
    Please pray for my trip to Colombia From May 11th to 17th, that God would guide Lindsay (from Ottawa Canada) and me to the place where we can serve. This is a privilege to be able to serve the Lord in the place where He take us. This came as a surprise when Lindsay told me that she wanted to serve with me that week in Colombia and she would pay for my flight.
    Pray for my mom, she was having a bone pain for the last two weeks.
    Pray to find new girls for our program; we are going to start visiting new churches to find new young ladies for the Education Program.

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