April 2024 Newsletter

Written By César Arreaga

Published April 4, 2024

Easter Celebrations in CUBA

As we all know, not everyone nor every church celebrates Christian holidays and celebrations in the same way.

Two weeks before Easter, I asked Michel, our friend in Cuba, how most evangelical Cubans celebrate Easter.  I asked him about their celebrations in the church and in their homes.  In North America, most believers go to church and then at some point have a family meal and get together in their homes.  Easter is an official government holiday, and most people are given Good Friday and the weekend off work.  Services are held on Good Friday as well as Easter Sunday.

Here is what Michel told me happens at the church he attends.  “In Cuba, we celebrate Palm Sunday a little, but most of our time is on Easter weekend.  In Latin America, Easter is celebrated for one week and is called “Holy Week”.”

Holy Week Program:
Wednesday 9.30 am:  Worship Celebrating Holy Week.
Wednesday 7:00 pm:  We will play the movie “The Public Life of Jesus”.”
Friday 9.30 am:  Sermon Worship of the 7 Words of Jesus on the Cross.
Saturday 5.00 pm:  Special Holy Week Worship.
Sunday 7.00 am:  Special Resurrection Morning.
Sunday 9.30 am:  Special Resurrection Worship.

Michel said that most of the people in Cuba do not do anything special in their own homes. There are no special meals with families. Everything is done in the church. A few years ago, after a visit from the Pope, Good Friday became an official government holiday in Cuba.


Pastor Renier in Cuba reports

Pastor Renier, one of our supported pastors, wrote about their community Easter Sunday service 2024.  “On this occasion, more than 800 people from 15 churches gathered to celebrate a victory worship of the Lord Jesus, the resurrected Christ.  We asked to rent the stadium but the government did not allow the church to rent any establishment from the State.  With faith we continued to search for God’s place, and rented the field of a very humble farmer, and there received a visitation from God, hallelujah!  Several people came to the feet of the Lord, and others were strengthened in their faith.  Glory to God!

Report From Doug Springer

All done!!  One month of Spanish classes in Colombia was one of the most difficult things I have ever done.  Now that we are back home, I look back and say it was also very rewarding.  I cannot say that I am more confident now than before, as it seems the more I learned, the more I knew I did not know.  I will continue to work at Spanish and know that little by little I will retain more.  Thank you for your prayers for us while we were in Colombia.  We were healthy the entire time, and despite all the warnings of dangers, we were safe and we thank God for that.  We were encouraged to visit with friends including Albiero and his family.  You may remember our indigenous friend, Albiero who was paralyzed after being bitten by a poisonous snake while escaping drug dealers who were taking over his farm in the jungle.  Albiero and his family have become believers, and he is now walking with crutches more each time we visit.  Please pray for Albiero and his family, that through their basket weaving art, they will be able to support themselves.

I have booked my flight to Cuba for May 7th.  If you are in the London area, I will be collecting over the counter medications and vitamins as well as toiletries to take with me and distribute to pastors and their families.  Also needed.  Android cell phones for pastors.  5 Years old or newer, please.  If you are not near London and want to participate you can make a donation designated Cuba pastors supplies.  Items are needed by May 2nd.

Doug Springer
Executive Director

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for our Ministry with the young ladies.
  • Pray for girls and their families.
  • Pray for the new girl Miss Carolina Shica Rioja, for the exam she is going to take on March 24th.
  • Pray for new academic year for Rocksy and Paxi
  • Pray to enroll Sindi’s in her new school, she lost a half-year waiting for classes at that did not happen.
  • Pray God continue using us as an instrument of His love and mercy and we can help people, as it is possible.

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