May 2021 Newsletter

This month we share two Cuban Pastor’s perspectives
on church ministry during a pandemic.

Not all is so doom and gloom.

Pastor Reinaldo Hernández Iglesia Camino de Santidad in Florida, Cuba


Pastor Reinaldo, Lorainy and daughters

“God bless you, everything is good, thank’s to God we don’t have any Covid cases at the church since the pandemic started.

We have a ministry called Blessing Sheets where we write a devotional a day and send it to almost 80 brothers. We have created a leadership team who are not just preaching but visiting and making disciples, receiving the offerings, and praying for the sick at home.

The church has continued to grow with a group of nine new believers who are now ready for baptism.”

CMRC provided the funds to build a new building for Reinaldo’s church in Florida, Cuba which we were happy to dedicate two years ago.

Pastor Reinaldo Hernández Iglesia Camino de Santidad in Florida, Cuba


Pastor Reynier, Ismara, Kemuel, Samuel


As churches are still closed, we have designed family services where we celebrate every Wednesday and Friday in each Christian home with worship and prayer services. Those who are the only Christians in their families join the closest Christian family to worship.

Families do Bible studies each week according to Bible questions the pastor provides to deeply study the Bible at home with all their families. This is how we are serving at this moment – we are doing an emphasis on studying the Bible with the families.

My family and I are so grateful to God because He always provides. The difficult circumstances that arise for us are the lack of simple necessities and food. With children at home families are not able to satisfy their basic needs and that is a big difficulty.

Prayer Points

~ Karen Rojas, CMRC Peruvian Associate, is currently on assignment with Elections Peru in the remote jungle in a northern province. She writes:

” The first election did not give us concrete results, so we will go to a second electoral election the first week of June. For the moment I have to stay here until Electoral Education Management (Lima) decides whether to continue in this place or if they will relocate us to another province. Next week I am thinking of traveling back to Iquitos to send documents to Lima, to see my family, and visit the scholarship girls too. I cannot communicate often due to poor internet in this area and electricity is just a few hours a day.

I appreciate your prayers for me – I also keep you all in my prayers.”


~ Iglesia Puertas Abiertas (Open Doors Church) in Bogota, Colombia asks for prayer:
• God protect our nation from the COVID-19. The government is back with the lock downs and when that happens, we cannot have a service.
•  Also, when the pandemic arrived many people have left the church. We want to pray for those people to return to church.
•  We would like to build a bigger auditorium and we would like to pray for God to provide for us the resources to build it.


Also in Colombia, praise God that CMRC recently fed 16 families suffering under Covid restrictions – that’s 84 meals. Eleven of these families are Indigenous families displaced into Bogota City by Guerrilla terrorism in their native jungle villages.

We continue to feed those in need in Cuba, Colombia, Guatemala, and Peru as funds become available. Please consider making a donation today.

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