June 2021 Newsletter

COVID is not over!

Just outside my office, in our basement, sits a box of things that we have set aside to take to the thrift store when our province opens up again in a few weeks.  Generally, when we are looking for something we need, our first thought is, “can we find it at the thrift store”.

In North America we are so fortunate to have plenty both new and used to purchase.  Our grocery stores are full and open to shop in.  In most of the world there are no used items that people are giving away or throwing out.  Grocery stores are not always full and many people don’t even have the money to buy food.

In the countries we work in there is always need.  Pastors do not have boxes of things to give away however, they do have wonderful attitudes and share what they do have.  Their positive attitude comes not from possessions but from their relationship with God, their family and with others.  When we give money or food or items of need to pastors they are so excited to be able to share those things with others.  Every time I send money for food, especially in these days, I receive reports back that the pastors are grateful and happy for what you have given.

In the past 14 months, you, our supporters have given $ 42,646 to our Disaster Relief fund. We have sent $ 43,305 overseas to buy food for those we work with in Peru, Guatemala, Cuba and Colombia.  In Cuba we have increased our support on average for our pastors to $95 per month from $30. Your support has been and continues to be invaluable to the pastors and people we work with.  No, we are not traveling, but we are still working and ministering through our associates who are ministering to our pastors and friends on a regular basis.

The dollars you send and the prayers you pray are what keeps the church alive and growing in spite of COVID and the shut downs.  Most pastors are still not receiving salaries because there are no offerings.  When you pray and think of those less fortunate, keep the work of CMRC on that list.  Thank you for your continued financial and prayer support.

I have a request for you – please take a few minutes and write a note to one of our pastors.

You can be specific if you are aware of their name or general if you don’t.  Email your message of encouragement to us and we will translate and send your gift of encouragement to a pastor or a family that we support.  Let God lead you in the words you are to say.  Don’t be too long, keep it under 100 words or a couple of paragraphs. Thank you and may God richly bless you and keep you safe and healthy.

Doug Springer
Executive Director

Prayer Points

  •  Pray for our Guatemalan Associate César Arreaga and his family. Pray for continued good health and protection as César continues teaching at Guatemala Bible Seminar remotely. To date no vaccines are available with no timeline for availability.


  •  Please pray for the pastors as they continue to lead their congregations within COVID-19 restrictions and for their personal health and well being.

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