April 2022 Newsletter

Written By Rick @ CMRC

Published April 3, 2022

Peru 2020 Mission Trip Reflection

Snakes? To quote and agree with Indiana Jones on this, I hate snakes!

Don’t let the picture here fool you, I was very uncomfortable with them! Having said that, praying in drug holes, twelve-hour flight delays, fearful dreams and speaking in prisons haven’t been my first choice either. But these occurrences were some of the experiences I am now grateful to reflect upon.

In January of 2020, I had set out on a two-week trip with CMRC to Iquitos, Peru. As I now reflect about being in Peru in 2020, I am thankful for all the opportunities it provided. I know I went into the trip to bless others, but I wanted to use it to grow me as well.

So why did I go on this trip and what were my motivations? I had been on three other short term two-week trips to Haiti (2005 & 2006) and Nairobi, Kenya (2009). Each was unique to itself, but 2005 was special, as I met my future wife, Jess, on that trip. I went on these trips because I wanted to give back and offer something to someone else.

After the Kenya trip I would begin making decisions that would lead to Jess and I splitting apart for a short time in 2016. This was a mirror to seemingly every other relationship in my life, including God. I give thanks to God’s grace that was so abundant for me in 2018 when I finally lowered my guard to let Him in. I am in tears just thinking about that again – thank you Jesus! I take heart knowing to be like Jesus really is a marathon and not a sprint.

I don’t think I will ever forget the opportunity I had in Iquitos to share about God’s work in my life at the men’s prison. The external elements of the loud music, testosterone filled space, and overall sense of anger was a lot to absorb.

Reading in my journal recently, I was reminded how as I was sleeping one night and had a dream; it was as though something was reaching out grabbing my heart and filling it with fear.
Oddly enough, that was where confidence was actually strengthened for me.

The hardest thing that I encounter is to daily surrender my will and receive His daily bread or grace as I like to view it.

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to meet all the people I did on this trip…lifelong memories and friendships. 

Dave Thiessen

Our Latest Story – Peru Church Building

Nuevo Santa Rosa House Church

Missionary partner Joel McGee updates on the three jungle village church builds along the Marańon River in Peru:

 “Church construction has ground to a halt due to Pastor Abraham breaking his arm. He is healing up nicely now and they will soon put one of the missionary families in the  completed house church in Nuevo Santa Rosa. They will also take advantage of the higher river levels and start construction on the missionary house church in Seis de Septiembre”

With fuel prices skyrocketing the cost of the Atenas church build has gone up drastically causing a pause in construction.

Prayer Points

  • Pray for a complete healing for Pastor Abraham in the jungle village of Santa Rita who broke his arm while doing farm work.
  • Please pray for the finances to complete the Atenas church.
  • Pray for Maria Elena in Cuba. Maria Elena needs surgery that is on hold because of the lack of medical supplies in the hospitals.
  • Pray for the Guatemala Bible Seminary and specifically President Clyde Murphy. Clyde’s wife Edith died from Covid on March 14th. This is a difficult time for their family.

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