Rosario and Wilmer – Pisco, Peru

Written By Rick @ CMRC

Published September 9, 2020

Rosario and Wilmer have 7 children – the youngest 4 years old. Their home was destroyed in the earthquake of August 2007. As earthquakes are common in Peru, they live wondering is it going to start again like the last big one?”

Rosario grew up in the mountain region where there are no earthquakes. She and Wilmar now live in Pisco where he has a lot of brothers and sisters in the church. Wilmer started to grow in faith and now family and church are here. Rosario’s family – parents, brothers and sisters – have not visited for the last four or five years from the north country.

After their home was rebuild with the aid of CMRC, the Sanchez’s decided to show their gratitude to God by devoting half of their new home to a children’s weekly Bible program, similar to VBS. Today, a visit to their home reveals a large empty room with children’s Bibles and artwork where the family living space was supposed to be. The Sanchez’s relocated their living space outside under tarps and a makeshift roof.

With the children doing well in school there seems no reason to move even with harsh, cold, winter winds that blow though their home. The wind of the Paracas blows sand and for a few days it is like a sand storm. One cannot see anything but the sand. “We have already adjusted to that kind of life, and it is ok. It is part of the life.” says Rosario. With no heating system, it’s difficult staying warm.

Their happiness doesn’t depend on material conditions though as they leave their daily needs in God’s hands. Rosario and Wilmer find peace in God and enjoy the company and fellowship of the brothers and sisters of their church.

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