César Arrega – Guatemala

Written By Rick @ CMRC

Published September 9, 2020

“We are a regular family trying to serve the Lord with all our strength”.  We are a kind of teamwork, my wife Carina and children in where everybody is trying to help each others.

Our family is growing up, and Esteban my son likes to play and run all day long.

My little princess is Susanna, and she is discovering the world around her, it is funny and we really need a lot of energy to be with them. My precious wife is my “right hand” because she is with me working hard and she is supporting me in this ministry that we receive from the Lord.

We are helping in our local church preaching the gospel once or twice a month but our main ministry is at Guatemalan Bible Seminary in where we are serving the Lord full time. I´m a teacher here and my topics are video/audio and multimedia things and the background of Bible (Historical things of Bible world).

Things are good around here, every day we wake up thinking about of the provision of God to us, He is always surprising us and He´s always supporting us, we are surviving by the hand of God. I can see Him in very action that He does for us, We are surviving because He is taking care of us, that is my own testimony.

This is my funny story with CMRC. I met Doug Springer when I was in my first year of biblical seminary, and I said funny because our first “hello” was in the line when we was waiting our lunch food. I was delayed to be in the line because I was talking with my teacher, and the thing is “if you come delayed to the line, you probably receive less food than others” (hahahaha), that was our first “meeting”. I asked to him “What are you doing here?” His answer was,”I´m doing several video trainings to the pastors in Cuba”, His answer catch me at all.  After of that, I start to help him and learning from him several things and one day he told me,”Do you want to come here?”, I answered to him, “Where?” He said “To Canada” that conversation provide to me the open doors, to go into the Canada to have my certification, in production media/broadcasting TV at the Crossroad School in Burlington, Ontario, Canada.

After of ten years (almost) of know us each other, Doug has been a big blessing in my life, he´s still my teacher, brother and good friend and our relationship has been a big blessing for me and Seminary also. I know that God has everything on His plans, nothing is by “lucky” thing, the day when I was delay, was because God gave me one of the most great gifts/opportunities in my life, and that was, meet His servant Doug Springer.

Today, I´m happy to serve the Lord full time, and share with you “Is by His grace” that I´m doing what I´m doing, and this is His work. Provision comes at the right time, at the right moment by Him.


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