September 2023 Newsletter

Written By César Arreaga

Published September 1, 2023

Education Program

Karen is our associate working with our education program that helps young women living in poverty in the Amazon.  The following is part of Karen’s summer update.

CMRC has again provided the girls in the program with a basket of groceries so they can feed themselves during this month, and they are very grateful.  CMRC also gave them money to help with transportation.


In Iquitos, we don’t have a Gastronomy school, but the National University joined us to offer a diploma in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts.  That gives graduates the chance to work as assistant chefs, and many times even as chefs.  In Iquitos, we also don’t have Chef schools; so some of these graduates are able to work as chefs unless the restaurant requires certified chefs who would have to come from Lima.

Unfortunately, Sindi’s course in food was not carried out this month because not all of the students had paid their fees.

Karen Rojas

Practical Nursing

Two of our girls are sisters.  Rocksy and Paxy are studying to become technical nurses/nursing assistants and are doing well in their studies. They finished the first semester of 2023 in July, and will begin their next semester in September.  Payment was made for the materials and the Pharmacy part of their education.

Rocksy has many times wanted to quit her volunteer work at “Cuna Más Program” to dedicate herself to studying, because many times she ends up tired.  But she feels she cannot stop volunteering because the tips that she receives from “Cuna Más” helps her buy food and bus fare to school.  “Cuna Más” is a Government program of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion.  Rocksy visits families in remote areas and carries out home visits and socialization sessions as a facilitator in order to acquire and improve her knowledge, skills and care practices for children and families.  This service is aimed at pregnant women, mothers, fathers, and primary caregivers who are caring for children under 36 months of age in poverty situations.  Please pray for this family and the girls who, despite the obstacles, want to get ahead and develop professionally.

Rocksy tells us that this semester has been a bit complicated because she starts her practical work in the morning from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. at Villa Belen Health Center, and then in the afternoons, she has theoretical classes at the institute.  However, despite the difficulties, Rocksy is glad to have the opportunity to prepare for the future.

Computer Issues

When available, CMRC provides a used laptop computer for each girl in the education program which she will keep when she graduates.  Rocksy’s computer was not working, however, she did not tell Karen as she was embarrassed, and she couldn’t fix it due to lack of money.  Karen took it to a technician who discovered it was a problem with the battery, and said it could only be used with the battery removed and plugged in. This is not possible as there are numerous power outages every day in the area where Rocksy lives.  This would destroy the mother board and subsequently the computer.  The computer was too old and so Karen found another older DELL computer to use in the interim.

Recruiting More Young Ladies

In July, Karen visited churches in Manacamiri, a small community near Iquitos, with the objective of presenting the education program to the pastor. Manacamiri is approximately 45 minutes from Iquitos, by bus and then by boat.   If we do have a new student, she would have to travel to school daily by boat and public bus.

Words of thanks from Paxy

(Paxy has just begun the Medical program)
This first semester was a unique experience in which I not only learned, but also created a friendly bond with some classmates and met my teacher for whom I am grateful for these first months of teaching.  Living daily during classes with these people was a very nice experience.  This first semester I have taken eight courses which have gone well.  Adapting was a bit difficult at first, but thank God I have been able to overcome it and manage to adapt to the teaching and learning process.  Always grateful to God, to the CMRC program for the opportunity I have, and to my parents for their constant emotional support.

Doug Springer,
Executive Director

Prayer Requests

  • Pray for the girls’ studies to continue without difficulty, and for the girls’ families, for provision of food every day.
  • Pray for Rocksy’s and Paxi’s economic situation.
  • Pray for Karen’s family and her mother’s health.
  • Pray for more girls for future applications.
  • Please pray for Karen, as she is suffering from some anxiety with moments of panic and scary things passing through her mind. “I associate this anxiety with the medicine that I was taking for the fibromyalgia that I was diagnosed with, but I stopped taking those medicines and I am drinking infusions or teas to calm anxiety. This month has been very distressing, but I am praying, and I know that our God will heal me.” -Karen
  • Pray for Doug Springer and board member Terry as they travel to Peru from September 14th to 28th. They will minister in the coffee region where CMRC has provided finances to repair a water pipe for a village. They will also go to Canete on the coast, south of Lima where CMRC worked with a local church in January 2023.

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