Rocksy Tamayo Curitima
Rocksy - Christian Mission Resources Centre

Written By Rick @ CMRC

Published October 26, 2020

My name is Rocksy Tamayo Curitima, I was born in Isla Iquitos Community in iquitos, Peru. I finished my high school studies at Miguel Grau Seminar No. 60025 in my community. Currently I am studying Computing in Senati through a scholarship that I get thanks to the organization CMRC.

I belong to a humble family. They are the reason for my strength and they always motivate me to make an effort to be a better person in society. During high school studies I got good scores because I think we should do things the best as we can.

I am currently a volunteer as a facilitator of the Cuna Mas National Program in the care of children from 0 to 36 months from my community.

“Cuna Más” is a program from the Peruvian Government that works with the communities all over the region with vulnerable and poor families. The main goal of this program is to provide guidelines of how to play with the kids and how to create an attachment between the family and the child as well as helping them to develop their cognitive system.

During the COVID pandemic I have had to work hard in order to support my parents and our family. I can see the benevolence of God in my life. He has always supplied food and He cares for us. I received groceries in a difficult time from CMRC – all this shows the love of God for me and my family.

I really thank CMRC for granting me the scholarship and giving me the opportunity to study and get to have a technical career with which I can perform in the future. This will also serve me to transfer knowledge to others who need it.

The first time I heard about CMRC was through the staff of the Management Committee of “Cuna Mas National Program” in my community. I heard that this organization blesses girls through a scholarship and provides the opportunity of studying computing at Senati, the best institute in our city. Knowing it really made my heart happy, because due to the low economy in my family it was not possible for me to start higher studies, so I applied to CMRC Scholarship Program.

Thank you very much CMRC.

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