Pastor Toribio Coquinche Testimony
Pastor Toribio and Gabriela - Christian Mission Resources Centre

Written By Rick @ CMRC

Published October 26, 2020

My father left my mother when I was 8 years old. We were eight kids. During this time, we received some food, clothes and other things from a couple – Eriberto and Norma Elliot.  (Eriberto is brother of Jim Elliot who die in Ecuador)

When I was 16 years old a couple of missionaries did an Evangelical program in the community. I received Jesus as my own Saviour and growing up I watched the love of Jesus through them. Later my uncle, Pastor Pedro Chasnamote, baptized me. One year later I had a dream where a light shined and said “You are who will serve me.”

After one year in the Iquitos army, I decide to stay and live in Iquitos, serving in Belén Templo Church and over the next 28 years worked with five different companies.

My first wife died in 1982 with cancer and left me with my 7-month-old baby girl. It was a horrible time yet this situation lead me close to the Lord. In 1989 I married Gabriela.

While serving in the church as bible teacher, book keeper and including mission trip travel, the Lord called me to be in the ministry. Honestly, I was not sure about this decision, so during one prayer vigil – while we were praying, I heard the voice of the Lord saying: “I gave you food, a family and a house. Now give me the years you have left.” I resigned my job in 2011 and became a pastor in a new congregation that we started with 15 people.

“I am very thankful to have the blessing to meet and call CMRC my friends and learn from them how the Lord uses his people. Some of us are pastors, other missionaries, and the guys from CMRC preach, teach with their lives, and work hard blessing ministries by building churches and other helps. During the quarantine time in Iquitos CMRC gave us food.

CMRC helped to build and paint my church in Iquitos. They built a wood church in the San Lucas community at Km 42 along the Iquitos Nauta Road. We cannot do church services in the city, but we can in the San Lucas community where services are full. Because of the pandemic time the people are coming and asking for prayers and help like never before. The people are open to hear about Jesus.

Thanks to the Lord for your ministers in CMRC for blessing and helping in this dark, critical pandemic time.

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